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Leisure Club FAQ

  1. Why do we have to take in Registration Cards?
    In the event of an evacuation, it allows us at a snapshot to know which guests/rooms are in the leisure club. Secondary it acts as a deposit for the locker keys and towels that we give out to residents.

  2. Why are there 10-minute cycles on the jacuzzi?
    Our swimming pool and jacuzzi use calcium hypochlorite (chlorine) as its disinfectant against bacteria. If the jacuzzi were constantly on or people were allowed to sit on it constantly the chlorine levels would become off balance and we would regularly have to close it to re-fill with fresh water. This can take several hours to get back up to temperature. Having a 10 minute on/10 minute off cycle allows the chlorine to get back to full strength to keep bathers safe.

  3. Why no under 8's in the Jacuzzi?
    Due to the higher temperatures, the jacuzzi needs more chlorine than a pool to kill the larger amounts of bacteria produced. This combination of high temperatures and higher chlorine levels are not considered advisable for children under 8. (ISRM guidelines)

  4. Why no under 12's in the Sauna/Steam?
    The Sauna/Steam room are 40 degrees + and children cannot regulate their body temperatures like adults can, therefore they are not advised to use.

  5. Why no under 16's allowed in without an adult?
    The pool is an unmanned therefore adult supervision is required at all times.

  6. Why no children after 7.30pm Monday – Thursday?
    It allows for some adult only time.

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